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Washing Machines: Front-Load vs Top-Load

Comparing Washers: Top-load vs. Front-load

There two main types of washing machines: top-load and front-load.

Top-Load Washing Machines

As the name suggests, top load washing machines have a door on the top of the machine that opens up (like a trap door). They are relatively easy to load and unload; however they require more water and energy to operate than other options.

These conventional top-load models are the most affordable option to purchase. However, long term operational costs may be enough to outweigh the lower cost.

Now, newer high-efficiency (HE) top-load washing machines are available that can hold much larger loads with only a slightly higher price tag.

Comparison summary:

Plus Factor - $- Initial purchase cost
Plus Factor - Easy to load and unload
Minus Factor - $$ - Higher long term operational cost
Minus Factor - Take up more space

Front-Load Washing Machines

Front load washers have a door in the front of the machine. The door swings (opens) like a door in your house.

Front-load washers are the most energy efficient machines. They can hold the most laundry and many of them are stackable. While stackable washers and dryers are more expensive, they can free up valuable storage space in many laundry rooms. For some people, seniors in particular, front-load washers can be a little more difficult to load and unload. Also, there have been some issues with mold and mildew growth in front-load washing machines after several years of use. Consider purchasing an extended warranty or service package in the event that your washing machine experiences some of these problems.

Comparison Summary:

Plus Factor - $ - More energy efficient than top load
Plus Factor - Stackable and thus can save space
Plus Factor - When stacked, loading and unloading the washing machine can be easier.
Minus Factor - $$ - More expensive than top load
Minus Factor - Mold issues

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